Friday, November 17, 2023

Geneva Journals- A Calm and Lively Dinner

Conversations over dinner table about everything under the sun are the memories I'm going to cherish the most. I'm positive that I'm going to be abundant with these memories in Geneva. 

This time, watching Miss Calm cook chicken, I was inspired and began to cook in her style under her supervision. Miss Lively walked in, wearing a smile and stories over the sleeves. She shared how carrots and coffee made her write a poem and recited it. As ever, a splendid one. 

A dinner with chicken sphagetti, carrot rice and my amateur chicken and rice, we shared our lives. Mostly through incidents and sometimes through memories. Knowing the grey weather we've in ourselves and around us, Miss Calm encouraged me to not miss out little things in life but also to take care of myself in the most possible ways. Miss Lively came up with brilliant analogies to pep me up. "If you've a mosquito biting you, the pain or experience may be present for 5 minutes. You can't avoid the bite to avoid the pain. The trick is to let the painful experience subside to 4 minutes, then 3 minutes, then 2 minutes."

As an enthusiastic listener, I was ambitious and said," at the end we should let the painful experience reaction to be under a minute." Miss Calm, calmly asserted, "we're humans. We're meant to have feelings. You can't intend to avoid everything."

Another tip I enjoyed receiving was way to find tiny little pleasant things in life. Miss Lively shared how she makes notes of tiny little things that brought a smile on her face. "Be it tiny, notice it!" she shared. 

Thanks to Miss Calm and Miss Lively who always regaled me with their stories, experiences and advices. I'm grateful to have you over the dinner and share a conversation. 

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