Monday, May 15, 2023

Sirohi to Switzerland - The Kadapa Passport Office Visit

Little lately, I got to know that I need a police clearance certificate(PCC) in order to apply for VISA. I did a basic search on google and got to know that we can get the PCC from a local police station. I got to know that it'd take 40-50 days and I took the second route, through passport office.

Passport office has made a lot of things digital. Submitting the form, attaching the needed documents, paying the fee. Everything was online and had to visit Passport office for verification of the form. 

Took an appointment. Even that was easy. As I entered the passport, I could see shabby place with stickers on air conditioners- "Donated by the local MLA."

I wonder how come central office do not have funds to get an air conditioner. Even if the sitting MLA funds it, how does he take it to branding it rather than considering it as his service.

Even if there are airconditioners, people are not using it. 

As far as the passport related work, there are three desks with no clear instructions on what those desks are far. There's nothing mentioned in the form. 
I went to the first desk and an application form is handed out, asking me to take a photo copy of it and fill in the form.  Can't passport office provide a single application form? Is it one of the cost cutting process? 

Please consider the cost in the fee you collect but it's ridiculous to hand out a fadely printed Xerox to get photo copied. 

Then a photo copy of Aadhar, passport to be verified by an officer. Once it's done, a photograph is taken, the details are verified and re verified by another officer.

Half of them who enter the passport office for the work, are clueless of what to do and where to go in the limited space. I spent nearly 2 hours for 15 minutes process. 

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