Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Memories- College Days

Satvik shared this picture. It's been  more than 7 years since it got clicked. The 50s in the series. Me-56, Nishant57, Sathwik 58, Vikas 59. This seemed to be the last day of the college. 

I realise that I was never a fan of pictures in college. I never had a camera with me and never had a smart phone with me. So I hardly click pictures. Rahul was the one who always talked of memories, pictures but never succeeded to save the memories on phone. He lost his phone and so his memories as well. 

Even though, there are no pictures to document, there are some sights which are still fresh in my mind. Our first day in the college, Sathwik's first bench scenes, chemistry mam's lectures, PSP's advice and many more. 

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