Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Colorless- The journey

The journey began with an impulse drive to compile a poetry collection based on the poem "Colorless", I wrote.

Many of us have our own stories in differentiating the colors like Violet from Blue, Purple from Violet. It started as a random conversation and triggered me to think about the perceptions and the stories we carry on colors. Every color in our life has story. Inspired by these thoughts and conversations on colors and lines, I penned down the poem, Colorless on April.9.2022

A week after writing down this poem, I had an intense drive to work on a poetry collection that comprises of words and colors.

I went ahead sharing about this idea with everyone I met in April, May & June. Within a month, I was ready with set of poems written. I was very positive on it despite the work is scattered all over. It's just a compilation of poems, there's no theme, no order. I began to travel with the poems. I badly needed someone to talk to, about these poems. Harry was always there listening to my excitement on this project. He suggested me couple of publishers with whom I can pitch this project. Before thinking of Publishers, I was trying my best to work on the first draft. 

After three months, the impulse got wavered and I was overwhelmed by a lot of things happening in life. At the right time, it's Harry again, who gently pushed me to pursue this book. I started again to work on the poems. 

In the month of August, Vikram came to Jaipur for his storytelling session and spent a day with me. As I shared my thoughts on this draft, his only suggestion was "One piece at a time, one line at atime. Spend time with it. That's gonna make a huge difference."

That's how I began to work on Colorless

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