Saturday, May 20, 2023

Books- The Saturday Haul at Blossoms

Whenever I'm in Bangalore, there are two places I'd like to visit. Sapna Book House Kormangla for art supplies and Blossoms for some interesting titles. This time, I got onto the roads and tried asking for a ride. Interestingly, this person offered me a ride. He neither asked me my destination, nor shared his destination. He stopped at the bus stop, helping me to go wherever I want. Thanks mate, I mentioned and headed to Church Street. 

As soon as I walked into Blossooms, I read this book of Indian rhymes, a Tulika publication. We have a treasure of rhymes from different Indian languages. Further, I checked this book, Sebastian & Sons. I chose a corner and almost read 50 pages, sitting there. Will pick up this title in future. 

Later, I began to check out some books. I tried my best to not buy a lot of books, however, I ended up buying 8 titles. 3 of Italo Calvino, 2 books on Letters from Authors, one Pearl S Buck novel, one Charles Bukowski's title and other book is of a play.  

There were so many expensive titles of Charles Bukowski, as 100th year edition. I need to look out for his second hand books.  There are other titles that I bookmarked to buy in future. 

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