Saturday, May 20, 2023

Colourless by Abhinay Renny- The Journey

 In 2018, I decided to write a book and put a lot of thought to start it. A writing here and there, I was waiting for the 'right' moment and 'right' time to start it. I even thought of moving to a new place so that it'd inspire me to write.As events turned out in the next few months, I had to move to a new place as well. 

March 2019. This is the time, I told myself- Since I'm moving to a new place, I'd definitely work on the book. I moved to 2019, I waited for the 'right' moment. In the series of new place and new people, I took my own sweet time of 4 months to finally remind myself about the book I wanted to write. Still, I was waiting for the 'right' time. In August 2019, I wanted to begin writing the book after meeting Mr.Ruskin Bond. 

I met Ruskin Bond and began the book however, the next few months were too hectic to do anything else. Again in  Nov 2019, is when I reminded myself about this idea and became so disciplined suddenly and began to write daily for half an hour. 

The daily writing for half an hour, without judging what I wrote, helped me to complete the first rough draft. Within 4-5 months, I was ready with my first rough draft. The first rough draft was all that I wanted to begin with. I was very confident to work ahead on this. 

I sought help and reached out to editor and got all the suggestions to work on. And then COVID happened. I was not in a space to work on it and the procrastinating it, I  always made tiny attempts to work on the project. 

In April 2022, I suddenly had a strong impulse to work on colors and some poetry around it. So strong was my impulse that I thought I'll complete the script within a month. Alas, I couldn't finish it in a month but took 7 months to work on it. 

By Oct 2022, I had my first rough draft. Since then, I was struggling to reach out to the script, only because, I was very much attached to the project. After 3 months, I reached out to it again, being very objective to the writings and began to edit them. Harry helped me in round of editing and it gave a good sense on how to cruise through the editing phase of a first draft. By March 2023, I felt, I have done enough on the work that I can no more make my publisher wait. Publisher has been waiting since Oct 2022. I felt awkward to give excuses and reasons for the delay. Finally, the work got expedited after both, Publisher and I decided that the time has come for this book to see the light of the day. 

I curated some paintings for this book but, I couldn't digitize them in better manner. I was okay to live with it. Hence I moved ahead without giving another excuse to myself to postpone the work. 

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