Saturday, May 6, 2023

Day Light Train Journeys- The first long train journey to Bihar

First time I'm visiting the eastern India- Bihar. Many of my friends are from here, Ranjith Bhai, Shankar, Azhar, Navneet & many others. 

On the occasion of Azhar's wedding we booked tickets to travel to Bihar. A month ago, 8 of us booked and finally 3 of us are travelling. Shankar and Mudit boarded at Ajmer. I got onto the train at Jaipur at 2.30 AM. 

No sooner I began to sleep, then came the girls, filling the train to the fullest. Banasthali University declared holidays to their students. At once, the train turned into a ruckus. All 6 berths around me are filled by these college girls who got a huge packs of suitcases and bags. I tried sleeping by 3 am and got up by 10 am while the train stopped at Agra Cantonment. 

I freshed up and managed to caught up with Shankar and Mudit standing in middle of the train as everyone were sleeping. An hour passed and people in B5 coach woke up and we managed to sit on lower berth. Once in a while I went to my coach B6, to check if I get a chance to sit at my berth. Since it's 3AC, the middle berth had to be shelved but, the girls are sleeping to their hearts ful. 11 AM.12 PM. 1 PM. The girls are still sleeping. As Shankar, Mudit and I were muching on snacks and chatting with other students, we got to know a little about the university. 

There are students who study from 9th at Banasthali and manage to pursue their post graduation as well. Banasthali is women residential institute that offers Pre-primary to Post Graduate. It got founded by  Hira Lal Shastri in 1935. A very old and prestigious one indeed. 

After the ladies at my coach woke up at 2PM, I got a chance to sit at my berth and read Bird by Bird book by Anne Lammot. 

Six students pursuing their engineering in Computer Science are returning to home after one whole year. They were thinking of all they could do at home and also the comforts they get at home. Getting into conversations with them, I realised that they studied their engineering through online mode and passed two years, they stayed in the campus for a year and got internship for almost 8 months. They'll be out of college in no time. I wonder what college memories they'd cherish. 

Spending a whole day with them, we tried our best to not get bored. Stuti,Smriti, Manya and I played Ludo on smart phone. I was playing board game after a long time. LUDO, must be after 5-10 years for sure. Though it was painful to look into screen, the game was fun. Later, I resorted to the book for some time and eventually fell asleep after the pantry car lunch. 

All of us dozed off in their respective berths. I had a deep sleep with a lot of dreams. Feeling refreshed, I spent some time watching the  Sunset over the Central India belt. Later, spent some time with Shankar, Mudit and other people who were at their coach. 

After a long chat, I receded to my berth and caught up with some writing, reading and chat with the students. All of us are so bored that we got into storytelling. I shared some stories and realised that I lost the knack of holding audience with the suspense. I was not into it. I just wanted to tell them one single line and get done with it. I realised that to tell a story in one line is more tough than narrating a story for 10 minutes. 

Later, we played UNO, and then girls tried to play Truth or Dare at 12:30 AM and was causing a lot of noise. I noticed that a lot of other passengers were finding it too noisy. We called it a day at 1 AM. Three hours fast forward, we reached Patna. As everyone near me woke up, I rung Shankar, Mudit and got ready to get down at Danapur, a station near by Patna. 

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