Sunday, April 30, 2023

Sirohi to Switzerland- List or no List.

Studying in switzerland seems to be right things falling in place at right time. This journey has triggered me to think of my journeys. So far, I never actively planned on what I'd do if I go to any place. The so called bucket list. I do not have any such. I wanted to move out of Hyderabad. I shifted to Rajasthan. Never for once, I had a plan or list of places to explore the state. Organically, I travelled a lot of places and I missed a lot of places as well. Chittorgarh, Pratapgarh and few other places remain unexplored. I do not miss them as I can't chase to touch upon all the places. In the first place, the question, 'why traveling?' has helped me to be at peace with the way I'm traveling. 

I travel to indulge myself in new experiences. There's a lot new, if I decide to get out of my door. Visiting a place and seeing some tourist spots would not tick any of the places.  I wish to move to a place. Live there, learn the customs, culture, appreciate it and relocate. That's the kind of traveling I like. I may not cover a lot of places in my life. I'm okay with it. 

The thought of moving to Switzerland sounds same to me. Shift to Switzerland, live there and welcome new experiences. As I call all the places I lived as home, Geneva would be my new home. 

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