Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Bonding over Ruskin Bond

 S and I were involved in conversations about Ruskin Bond and shared how we met him and what's our journey with his writings. I read his books only after I got out of school. S remembers reading Bond mostly during schooling days only. 

Both of us met Bond in 2019. S in June and myself in August. Mussoorie was just not a tourist destination. It's more than a place.  It's a place where Bond walked, where he churned all his stories, where he captured the life. 

Both of us have books of Book of Simple Living. S got the book, "Treasury of Stories for Children," signed by Bond. That's S favorite's book. Even in schooling, the book remained as favourite of S. So the book was devoured all through out. On their return journey to home from Dehradun in train, S read the book reminscing the good old times. S reread it several times. And while they had to get down from train, S leaves the book on the berth and forgets to pick it up. Not for once, S forgets anything in train. Not a bottle, neither a small rubber band but S forgot the book. The autographed book. 

I can imagine, how painful it is to lose a few of these gems.  

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