Sunday, April 30, 2023

Movie- Viduthalai Part-1

I've been waiting to watch Vetrimaran's Viduthalai. As soon as I got to know about it's OTT's release, I began watching it. Vetrimaran's movies are more like a novel.  

This story is based on the conflict and violence between people's army and police in 1980s. 

Soori, the protagonist, is a  newly joined constable who believes in doing the right thing despite the ordeals one can face. He disobey's his higher official's orders to save an old lady. His morals and ethics land him in all kind of troubles.  All the attempts to teach him a lesson by his higher official turns futile,as well as moves the movie forward. As this movie has one more part, most of the characters' arc seems to be completed in the second part. Bhavani sree plays a tribal girl who supports people's army and also eventually falls in love with Soori. She acts as a pivot in the episode of Vijaysethupathi, people army's leader. 

Interestingly, there's epilogue to the movie. We get to see the glimpses of part-2. Eagerly waiting for the 2nd part. There seems to be dearth of sequel movie releases in upcoming 2 years. 

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