Thursday, April 20, 2023

Bangalore Diaries- The English Speaking Taxi Driver

Gig economy seems to be the reality now. 

I booked a rapido and a gentleman called up and spoke in impeccable English, requesting a few travel details. As soon as I got onto the bike, he offered me helmet and then we were crusing through Bangalore traffic, sharing our stories. 

The rider is local to Raipur and moved to Bangalore, a lot of years ago, due to Dad's transfer. He completed his studies in St.John's College and got placed in an IT company. 
Currently, he's working as software Engineer in that IT company. Morning & Evening, he accepts rides through Rapido, if they're on his route. In that way, he gets the fuel money through the rides. Rapido seems to make things very easy. Good for the riders and the pillion riders.  Thanks mate for the easy ride. 

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