Friday, March 24, 2023

Jaipur Journals- A find Dine at Gopala

 Abhishek suggested to check out the new restaurant, round the corner. Today, he suggested for a lunch in the new place. Malavika, Abhishek and I visited and checked out as per Abhishek's suggestion. Parantha and Dahi vada as per Malavika's suggestion. Over these, we began to discuss cinema and directors. Both, Malavika and Abhishek educated me on movies. Looks like, I need to watch Alfred Hitchcock's movies to redeem my life. Also, some of Desseca and other directors. Rittwik Ghatak is one director who has this intelligent way of movie making. 

First he takes money from producer. He procrastinates the process. When there's producer on his neck to finish the project before the deadline, he brings the available actors, at an available set and creates master pieces in such a small span of time. Intriguing personality. 

Will make a list and watch these directors' master pieces. 

1)Alfred Hitchcock
2) Rittwik Ghatak
3)De Sica

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