Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Jaipur Journals- Rajasthan IT Day

 I planned to visit Jawahar Kala Kendr on teh ocassion of Rajasthan IT Day. In the left space of JKK, they had a indoor space, created specially for the IT expo. I quickly registered and got  a chance to watch a dome film. A russian company has come to Rajasthan to show the films, they've made. Dome film seems to be an immersive film experience where it's all around you. Virtual reality is just too close to your eyes and has two screens where as dome film has several screens with surround sound. 

I watched a movie where Sita is grooving to Techno music, Hanuman is dancing salsa, hip hop and various other genres. It was fun. I'd love to watch some dome movies. 

Later, I went to film screening and watched Yours Truly. Aahana Kumra was present for the event. As it just got finished, I made up my mind to avoid screen for many reasons. I walked out to witness a large mob chasing cars. Apparently, there was some Youtuber who arrived to JKK and youngsters gone crazy and were chasing him. 

Witnessing what's happening on roads a bit, I ran into Palaasha, person I met at one of Awaaz event. Palaasha is interested in curating art experiences and works for art. We caught up over conversations and slowly interacted with her friends, Dipali, Tanushree, Ankush. 

We had a good time strolling around commerce college campus, IT fairs and other play game zones. Tanushree, Palaasha and I went onto play with drones and remote control cars. It's fun. Met a cute little kid Atharv, enroute. 

Atlast, all of us headed to Gud Mishri, tuning to Lifafa's music in Tanushree's car. Tanushree is an architect who's very much interested in design and everything around it. Currently, she's into architectic journalism. Dipali works for art exhibitions and also works for Awaaz. Catching up with these interesting people, all of us were trippin and slippin on food and jokes. Good fun. 

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