Thursday, March 30, 2023

Udham Singh Nagar Diaries- Last visit & Memories

Just to realise that this visit would be the last visit to this school, makes me feel more grateful for all the people I got chance to work with. 

May 2019, I visited this place as a fellow to attend summer workshop. This was my first exposure trip out of my work location, Sirohi.

At first, I was curious about everything. Udham Singh Nagar is located 400 kms away from Delhi. I was keen to look into the culture and stories of this place. Udham Singh Nagar is named after Sardar Udham, the one who attempted to kill General O Dyer. 

The school is located amidst rice fields. I was immersed in the new environment and had great time. 

There were only couple of  people in my workshop. Shivangi, Pompa & I were attending the session hosted by Rima & Sonalika. It was a nice helpful session. At the evenings, we used to have theatre sessions in large group. 

During that time, Malavika was doing a art workshop with art & music teachers. I wanted to spend more time with them to learn what happens in Art Education. 

At evening, Zarftaj, Mehul & Yawar used to gang up and took me to places in and around Udham Singh Nagar. I hardly had sleep but, enjoyed to the fullest.  In this workshop, I met a lot of teachers and had a  great time to witness the way they enjoy their nights. 

After a long day, everyone tries to go out into the small town and try out the food, A few goes on for walks, a few to watch English Marvel movie dubbed in Hindi. 

I was still learning Hindi then and struggled a lot to communicate with others. I was staying in room with Hitesh, Sunil Pathak & Satvir. 


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