Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Jaipur Journals- The places and identities

Living in different places, I learnt that we create our own identity in each places. Living in Hyderabad for long time and having friends all around, I decided to move to Rajasthan. Just like that. I haven't planned much. I haven't thought much. I just jumped in and took the offer when I got a chance to travel to Rajasthan. I'm grateful I chose that and spent four years in Rajasthan. Difficult to come to terms about leaving the place but, that's the way it is. We arrive at a place with no identity amidst the crowd. We live and leave the place, making a mark on our own. 

I'm grateful for all that I had in Rajasthan. How do I process this change in life? Is it difficult to process the changes in life as we grow up? During childhood, I was excited when my dad talked about transfers and shifting home to a new place. Now when I have to pack things on my own and leave a place, I'm reminded of all the beautiful memories, experiences i've gained here. Memories are flashed, people faces are flashed and the beautiful moments I had with people, I cherish all my life flash infront of me, making me feel humbled by such love, warmth, companionship and memories I had in my life. 

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