Friday, March 31, 2023

Udham Singh Nagar Diairies - The Shift

Change is the constant. I'm currently heading to Uttarkashi from Udham Singh Nagar. In General, this is the usual travel but, this time, I know that I may never get a chance to return to this place, professionally. I'm trying my best to come in terms with the fact that this is my last visit to this campus. I miss the campus. I'm gonna miss everything that's here. 

Sonu gifted me two of his drawings. Two oil pastel drawings. Thanks a lot Sonu. Will cherish them. 

I'm yet to pack my bags and get started. I love this job. I get to meet many people. get a chance to visit a lot of new places. I'm not leaving because I'm done with them but, I think it's time that I have to move. The time has come for better times to move ahead and find a new home, find new friends and new purpose to lead the life. 

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