Saturday, October 15, 2022

Theatre Plays- Namak

From the department of Drama, students were presenting their work. I walked into the open air theatre, to find out all the familiar faces at work. 

Caught up with Shiva sir, Mumal, Kashish, Shreya, Ashish, Ravi, Ritika, Charu and many more people. Kiran was also in the play. I couldn't recognize her at all. We walked into a small stairs where the door was made as stage. We sat on the porch, watching the the actors, Anurag and other person as drinkers during the COVID. With simple set up, they managed to create scenario. It was about two people, one from poverty and other from the rich both catch up over a drink. 

Later, we walked through the place where we could see the posters on migrant workers during COVID. The darkness brings emphasis on the light. the students used it well. There's sound in the background as well. 

Soon after our walk, we could another set up where there were three women wearing a saree, a frock & a salwar kameez. 

The dialogues narrates the situation from three different point of views. It's very dramatic and poetic. It's about mother who feels that her children are the sucker of stories. Children think that mother tell stories just to ignore the food that they get to eat. There's more of salt and less of food. With a constant humming and other  narratives, there's drama built in the play. The writing is splendid. 

It's a diffferent experience to see all the actors from the balcony. It's indeed balcony viewing. 

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