Sunday, October 16, 2022

Jaipur Journals- Phone Maintenance in the middle of the Street

 I was walking to my home in the streets of my colony, putting my big JBL headphones on, listening to Ponniyan Selvan songs with high volume.

“Bhai, jara, ye dekho na?” he called me out. A gentle man seemed to be in his late early 40s and has some issue with the Bluetooth ear phones he got. Ye liya hu, lekin nahi jud raha hai. The Bluetooth headphones needs to be coneected to the phone. I quickly opened the Bluetooth options and searched for the devices, couldn’t find the Bluetooth ear phones. I switched on the Bluetooth earphones by pressing the  switch on Bluetooth switch. Boat bolke kuch bol raha hai, on hogaya, he signalled. After this confirmation, I searched for the headphones and got it connected. I said, it’s done.

Ek baar test karenge, I suggested as I wanted this man to have good experience with the ear phones. We opened the youtube and played some Youtube Shorts. It seemed to be working.

“Ye dekho na. bahut garam hotha  hai phone.”

I really liked the way, he stopped the random stranger on the road for help and getting his phone sorted. Ye bahut aata rehta hai. Kuch karo na. he asked.

I glanced at his phone. He got a whole long list of unopened notifications and lot of apps like SnapChat, Snapbook, Share Chat, Khata book and some weird apps which I never heard of. A lot were opened in the background. I did the basic clean up, turned off all the unnecessary notifications. and realized, I’ve some tips to share on phone maintenance. 

I realized that a lot of elderly people are struggling to maintain the phone. I’m sure the notifications are meddling with a lot of minds. I’m glad I controlled most of my notifications. Still, I feel I can’t control my phone as I want to do.

I handed over the phone to the gentle man and wished him, “Ab thoda kam hosaktha hai.” I handed him his phone, “Lelijiye” and got back to the business of listening Ponniyan Selvan Songs.

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