Monday, October 24, 2022

Movie- Ponniyan Selvan-1

After COVID, this seemed to be the movie I watched in a big theatre. It's Maniratnam and  A.R.Rahman's movie, how can I miss this. 

These are the movies I watch for the experience rather than watch it objectively. I already have an assumption of the movies made by these makers, it's going to be worth it. As I imagined, I enjoyed the visuals and  listening to the songs, scores in particular environment. I wish I watched this in Imax theatre, rather than a small multiplex theatre in Jaipur. 

This movie is about Cholas from the TamilNadu region. I know very less about Cholas, forget the Pandyas and their legacy. The first half of the movie is introduction of the characters, Aditya Karikalan(Vikram), his sister, Kunduvai(Trisha), his brother Arun Mozhi(Ravi)  and his Ex- Nandini (Aishwarya) who gets married to one of the minister in his father's kingdom. 

Vallavarayan Vandidevan (Karthi) is the commander in chief, who has his own ways to flirt with any women whom he comes across, gets on to his assigned job of finding out what's happening in the other part of the kingdom. The movie unravels, as he begins his journey. 

Ash was absolutely gorgeous on screen, thanks to Maniratnam's magic with light and camera. The only memorable score in the film was the silence A.R created in the climax after thundrous anti climax score. A memorable one. 

Looking forward to catch up with the second part. Will I get on to Kalki's books to find out the Chola's story? Maybe yes. 

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