Friday, August 6, 2021

Stories on Wheels- Banswara and Boys

Banswara is located at the border of south Rajasthan. A few kilometres, one can enter Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. On a visit, we stayed for a few days and travelled in the remote places of Banswara.

On a rainy morning, sitting in car and closing up the windows, Priyank shared stories as we crossed places. Crossing the market, Priyank explained a few traditions Banswara people followed. “Early marriages happen in this place,” he added, “There’s Nathra tradition where price is paid to husband, if the wife wants to move on with a new partner.” Women don’t stay in abusive relationships; they can always walk out of it.

If women is not happy in the marriage and has found a new partner, the new partner would pay some amount to the husband and the women would stay with the new partner. “What about the children?” I asked. “In General, children would stay with father. Mother has an option of taking children with her or leaving them with her father.”

Discussing Nathra, we also discussed about Nothra. Nothra is an initiative taken in the community to pool up the money to support the community members. If some one wants to build a house, he can pitch for Nothra. All the community members would lend whatever they could. And whenever the lender pitches for Nothra, the borrower is obliged to pay more than what he got. This is how community supports within themselves, financially.

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