Saturday, August 21, 2021

Books- Friday Haul

I reached New Delhi Railway Station by 4 PM. I had a few hours in hand to explore the city. I had three options. I can go to Old Delhi, stroll around Chandini chowk and other places
I can sit in the railway station and observe people. 

I can go to Daryaganj book market and check out few books. 

I chose the latter. On a rainy evening, I put my rucksack in the cloak room and carried a backpack with me. I walked through the muddy roads of Delhi to reach Daryaganj. I walked a lot of distance and still couldn't reach any book market. Finally, I got onto a rickshaw and reached the market. With earlier experience, I had a few favorite stops for getting best deals. 

I began checking out the books. Began with the three books and I ended up spending 3 hours, selecting books across various genres. I got a few fiction, non-fiction, magazines, children's literature and a lot more. 

"Take your time and select the books," encouraged the store owner. However, two staff boys patiently waited for me to leave the store. There was an elderly person and a young person. They were helping me to select. "Aap rest lijiye mei choose karlunga." "I'll choose by myself, you can rest," I told them. 

Having train at 9pm, I planned to leave the store at 8 pm. "Aapka train time nahi hora kya?" he asked in enquiry tone. 

"Nahi." I responded. "Lekin hamara horaha he. Hum bhi ghar jaana hai." he hinted me that because of my presence, they're unable to close the store and leave home. 

I wrapped up my book surfing and went on for the final purchase. The staff boys quickly got a carton and packed the books for me. Thanks to these people, I ended up purchasing only five thousand worth books. If not, I can't imagine, how much more money I'd have spent on buying the books. 

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