Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Jaipur Journals & Joy- Intention and Competence

 Walking along with Joy, we discussed humans and behavior.

Joy said, "we work with nature and behave with humans. Whatever we do with other humans is all behaviour. There's no work that happens between two humans."

What kind of work we do with nature?  I had a question but, I continued his train of thought. Humans and behaviour. 

"It's all about competence. Humans have various competencies. There are two kinds, the one who needs to learn and the one who can help the other to learn."

He didn't use the word, teach.  I was attentive to his choice of words. 

"Not everyone can have same school of thought on work?" I asked. "How do we deal with others who are not in that school of thought. The thought of one who needs to learn and the one who can help others to learn."

"It's never about different school of thoughts Abhinay." He added, "It's all about competence. Humans always have good intentions. It's about the competence. 

"Do you want to be happy?"


"Do you know how to stay happy?"


"Do you want to harm others."


"Can you be conscious enough that you don't harm others by your words."


It's all about competence. We want good but, we don't have competence to achieve. If you meet someone who is good, you can learn from him. That's the nature of how humans can work in this world. 

Never doubt others' intentions but, think of their competencies.  Thanks Joy for teaching that. 

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