Saturday, August 21, 2021

Book- The BHAIS of Bengaluru by Jyoti Shelar

This book gives a brief account of who’s who in the underworld of Bengaluru. I never knew that underworld existed in Bengaluru. In general, all the anecdotes mentioned in this book reminds me of the scenes I watched in a few South Indian movies.

Wrestling, Gymnasium, "Garadi Mane" plays an pivotal role in creating the face of Bengaluru don from 1950s. This book majorly covers the stories of M.P Jayaraj, Kotwal, Rai and Sreedhar who got a lot to tell about themselves as well as the Bengaluru Underworld. However, this book does not reveal much about Rai. The Epilogue and prologue are dedicated to Rai but, I couldn't get a full story on him through this book.

The Mumbai underworld got a scale in their dealings where as the rules seemed to be the same. Police using the rivals to finish off the criminals, betrayal, trust, it's all there in these circles as well. 

Reading Jayaraj's story, I got to know about Indira Brigade, Garibi Hatao and the trends of 70s. 

Kannada Language Movement has a parallel to what all was happening. 

The Bhais of Bengaluru is an introduction to the underworld,’Bhugataloka,’the people of Bengaluru call it. I picked this book, looking Hussain S Zaidi’s name on it. This book is not a disappointment. 

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