Sunday, August 22, 2021

Jaipur Journals- Colors and Cell phone

While I was travelling in  train, a family of three walked and sat infront of me. Mother, father and a two year old girl. Soon after they placed their luggage. The two year old little girl sat on her dad’s lap. She got her parent's phone in her hand. Her unblinked eyes were staring at the animations and was busy listening to rhymes on Youtube. In span of ten minutes, there was less struggle in shifting her attention from screen to a small book of colors.  Dad took out a small book from his big black bag. Leaving the phone aside, she took that small flip book in her hands, placed it  on dad’s lap. Along with the book, her dad took out the crayons can. She took a black crayon out of it. Dad joined by picking a blue crayon. Together, they filled the printed flower. Flower petals in blue color and stem in black color. A beautiful flower. How beautiful is it to find alternatives to keep the children engaged rather than handing them the phone and being happy that they do not have to give them the attention. 


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