Thursday, December 5, 2019

What can be better in the class?

As a part of formative tests, I had a one-one discussion with the kids I teach. I enquired what do they like in the class and what they do not like in the class. 

Discussing the most issues they face in class. I could sense how they see English of all the subjects, how do they perceive the language and what difficulties they face in the class.

Teaching English as a second language, I can empathize with them since I know how I feel when I have to read my second language, Hindi. I read but I do not enjoy it. 

We have a class of 17. Seventeen are different kids who have different issues with the language. One loves to work on grammar. Another loves to read stories. One loves to only read. Other loves not to write at all.

They have their own reasons for what they love and what they do not like.

I asked a girl what does she like. And I also asked what she does not like?
She answered a lot on what she likes in the class but, when she was posed with the question of what she does not like, she was silent. 

I changed my question and asked, "what can be better?"

She thought for a while and said, "Give work to kids according to their level. If given work to their level, they’d enjoy the activity and also they do not disturb the whole class. Because of a few, the class is disturbed. 

Provide more group work and there’d be a peer learning.

And there were many suggestions by the students who helped me out to prioritize in the class.

Thanks students for the constructive feedback. 

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