Thursday, December 12, 2019

Movie watching experience

The movie-watching experience is different through OTT Platforms or any other mediums except theatres.

I like the OTT watching experience but, to quickly get out of the experience and get swayed by other stuff digitally by means of clicks and our actions seem disturbing and altering our perceptions.

I remember the walks I take after the movies, that really brings me up to my emotions. I do not react or respond. I observe what the movie evokes me. 

Here, in OTT platforms,  I’m evoked by the score, movie and I got the option of reading the review and check out the characters immediately.

Quickly, out of the movie through the small screen, I'm swept by the tabs I got on the browser. The whole experience seems shallow. Is it the OTT platform's limitation or my internet habit of surfing through shallows? 

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