Thursday, December 26, 2019

Shoe Dog- Memoir by Phil Knight

Phil Knight's story with shoes and running defined his life. Following his passion and running around the things he loved, he is at the place he is now. 

Graduated from Stanford and a year at the army, Phil was called an accomplished, a learned soldier. But Phil wasn't sure of himself. Phil wanted to create, wanted to win and started his world travel. 

Rejected in baseball, Phil took out on running and fell in love with it. He wanted to sell Japanese shoes that seemed will work out in America. Phil worked his way to create his company, Blue Ribbon.  

Before starting Blue Ribbon, he had many stints. He spent his time selling Encyclopedias. More than anything, he wanted to sell things he believed in. The shoes.  

Inter lacing with the dream, he got into the adventure of wandering the world. Phil traveled to Japan. Japan trip was a business trip. He rehearsed and worked hard to crack the deal with Onitsuka in getting the deal. 

Later he wandered in India, Egypt, Himalayas, Nepal, and many more countries. 

Intuitive support from his mother and father, he could pull up the whole Blue Ribbon. Working on his dream, he had the right people on the bus. At first, his co-founder, Bowerman, then full-time employee Jeff Johnson(the guy who gave the name NIKE)

Phil's passion was Blue Ribbon but facing reality, he also worked in an accounts firm.  Along with the Blue Ribbon, Phil worked in a lot of places, faculty at portland University, a worker at account firm, and few other works. He managed all these works to one extent and when he knew Blue Ribbon needs his full time, he quit his job and went on with it. 

From then on, Phil's journey at Blue Ribbon is a roller coaster ride. Sales are always rocketing high, he always had issues to solve. He could achieve all this, thanks to his wonderful team. Team of butt faces, as he calls. 

The transition from Blue Ribbon to Nike is interesting. The way Phil won over the challenges is interesting. Nike's story is worth reading. Well written. 

Learned a few lessons from this book. 

1. There's a lot of work that goes in to build a brand. 
2. Getting the right people on the bus is the key to get work done in effective manner.
3. Do not give up. 

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