Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Meet up with Rony

I met Rony in 8th class at St.Joseph High School. Coming from Nellore, I find this school more amiable than my previous school. I made many friends in 8th. Rony is one of them.

Rony is calm and jovial. He does not easily give out himself infront of everyone. He's completely himself among the company he likes. Everyone loves to be in his company for his wit and non judgemental attitude.

Living in the same colony, we used to hang out whenever possible. After 8th class, I left the school for Chittoor. Rony also changed his school. 

I met Rony after 10 year gap. Rony's mother was surprised to see me after many years. Visiting home town once a year, I visited Rony's place once again this year. Rony is as ever the same. Witty and calm. "Em Abhinay, inka." he says calling out my name constantly. 

Our conversations over dinner were all about the things we missed sharing of our graduation days. Graduating from mechanical and Civil branches, we had a lot of stories to relate with. Arrears, the kind of people we meet in this branches. 

Rony shared his friends' stories, (Frankie, Deepak & many) I shared my stories (Basketball and the backlogs). Recollecting the funny stories, we laughed out loud cherishing the memories. Good time spent. 

Given chance, we can make these meets regular, once a year. 

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