Thursday, December 5, 2019

Rima's Wedding

Part of my fellowship, I had to choose a subject. Given a freedom to pick any subject, I picked up English to work on. Rima was the only English Language team member at Sirohi. Friendly, warm and always helpful, Rima helped us in finding our current home. Grateful to her.
No sooner we settled in Sirohi then Rima moved out of Sirohi on transfer.
Being clueless of how to work with language, Rima was always helpful in guiding at every level.

Given an invitation long back for her wedding, I landed at Radisson Blu with friends in Delhi on the wedding eve, without informing that I’m attending. Informed at the last moment, she arranged the stay amidst all the busy things she had to do for her wedding. Thanks a lot Rima. 

A party with close family and friends seemed a delightful evening to spend with. I met a lot of foundation people who were cheerful to bless the amazing couple, Rima and Tirang.

We headed to Gurudwara for the wedding. Gurudwara people welcomed the couple by their blessings and the wedding ritual was quite simple and beautiful. 

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