Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Books- Em and the Big Hoom

I picked Em and the Big Hoom and Murder in Mahim. Em and the Big Hoom has  an exquisite purple book cover with purple color even on the paper edges. Loved the copy. Pinto signed it for me and advised to write, every day, every day, he emphasized. Thanks Pinto for the book and the advise.

As I began to read Em and the Big Hoom, I could imagine Jerry narrating the whole text, the  way he silences the swear words, the way he speaks gibberish and with full of energy and rigor. 

The book is about a family, couple, humans who live with each other, care for each other, in their own ways. Story stitched with bombay romance, letters, a few secrets, unresolved mysteries, comforting lies & India's times. This is a story that revealed me a lot about how we, humans, can have, very different notions on mental health, health, families, money, fears, writing, teaching, classes, Bombay, Goa and the lives in it. 

At first, I couldn't comprehend much on the writing style but, as I kept reading, I got hooked to it. The characters Em & the Big Hoom narrated their story a lot without telling much through their names. What's in a name, I sighed reading the letters of Em and the descriptions of the Big Hoom on their romance. 

This book deserves a  read by each and every one who can read.  A fantastic read. At the end, this book has left me with a feeling of being incomplete in life and yet grateful for the way it is. Will return to this for sure and reflect more on this. Thank Jerry Pinto for the book. 

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