Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Hyderabad Literary Fest Scenes

A lot of friends have come up with their books. Delighted to witness these moments. 

Kalpana came up with a book on her work on stepwells, a very helpful one, if one would like to work on stepwells. Anthony Vipin and Vidushi wrote a book titled, Around the world in magnets. 

Jerry Pinto stood at the book stall, trying to  chat with the readers. "Nice shirt" he complemented and asked for the details, we began to chat and talked a bit about writing and how to stick to writing. 

I picked Em and the Big Hoom and Murder in Mahim. Em and the Big Hoom has  an exquisite purple book cover with purple color even on the paper edges. Loved the copy. Pinto signed it for me and advised to write, every day, every day, he emphasized. Thanks Pinto for the book and the suggestion. 


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