Sunday, February 5, 2023

A visit to Dentist

 These days, the visits to hospitals is increasing. This time, I paid a visit to Dentist. I was offered a reclining chair which has a basin, at side to spit excess saliva and a glass of water to gargle.  The dentist got a small height adjustable desk attached to it. A tooth brush sized camera with a  blue light and a small LCD screen to view what's inside the mouth was also attached. The whole set up seemed to be what's stethescope to a general physician. 

A general check up and looking my teeth through the screen, I was shown that the teeth needs to be drilled. He got a tiny drill piece set with 10 bits. I was in awe of it's size and variety. I wondered which mechanical engineer designed these bits for dentistry. 

Later, with some anasthesia, my tooth was drilled and then some ceramic was filled. The last drilling was bit painful and I was dreading how a small mistake can screw up teeth which may affect my eyes, ear and then brain. I decided that, I'd never ever take Bachelor of Dental surgery degree for granted. 

A few suggestions were given and I was out of  the hospital, feeling good about my teeth and my health. 

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