Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Stories on Wheels- The Artist Dates

Reading Julia Cameron, The Right to Write, I read about the artist dates. 

Train journeys seems to be my new artist dates. The act of spending few minutes, waiting at the railway station and  traveling in a train along with couple of strangers is welcoming experience to reflect on everything that happens in life. The ever lasting landscapes helps me to relinquish my creative energy. The sight of the fields, fully grown trees and the towering structures carrying cables. The act of witnessing India through train windows is enticing me enough to just criss cross India on railway tracks. 

Watching the railway tracks and the houses laid next to them reminds me of people who are striving for a better life to overcome the financial, social struggles. 

All in all, the train journeys have become my new artist dates. More on next blogs about my journeys. 

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