Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Jaipur Journals- A walk along the road

Gulbarga. February.2022

A bird knows when to take a leisurely flight into a panicky flight. I woke up this morning way before the sunrise and had tough time getting out of the bed. 

Low lights are the best times to take strolls. The slight chilled wind pushed me to stick to bed. The warming sunshine tempted me to get out of the bed. In the doubts, I dozed for a while and missed to see the dark blue sky turning into the palette of pale orange colors. 

I got ready and walked out to watch the moon at the same place, slight above the building, shining bright in it's own way. Actually, I had to tilt my head more to look at the moon. It may have changed the position in the day but, it doesn't matter to me, as I have to put the same efforts to watch the moon. Tilting the head. 

I walked out near the gate and this time security, wasn't there to open the gate. The gate was already opened. Another reminder to self, that I'm late than yesterday. 

I swerved left. As I took hundred steps forward, the same milk van which I saw yesterday, showed up taking it's three big grey cans. Without any music, the milk van was heading to it's destination. This is the same milk van who goes on  la la ride returning with the empty cans, enjoying loud bass EDM music. 

I took the edge of the road to run. At far sight, I saw the mild Sun kissing the golden brown dry grass and green trees that were yet to form strong shadow on the leaves which has a lot of dew on it. Looking down at my steps, there's a quite contrast from black Road. A lot of bright yellow flowers along the edge of the road. 

Had good time jogging along the road on a sunny morning. 

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