Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Cycling diaries- The Road Runner gets a service

 After seven months of purchasing the cycle, Road Runner Pro-d I've got ready to get it serviced. Shree Ram cycles, Jaipur, the place where I bought this beauty, does service only on saturdays and tuesdays. Since I can't afford to get it done on tuesdays, I've decided to ride 17 km, the longest route to get it serviced. 

I began cycling at 3.30PM. After a long break, I began my long distance cycling. In between the water breaks and breaks to change the songs, I reached the store. 

Clicked during the water break

A check up of screws and bolts, a bit of oiling, alignment and a precise check of pedals, it's done. A quick service. 

The man at the work

Gear Check

I loaded myself up with some pakoda and sugar cane juice and returned home cycling 17 km again. A good ride. 

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  1. Sharpen the saw...:actually sharpen the axe is more appropriate..:) Have you named your cycle Abhinay?


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