Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Cycle Ride- 20 KM and more

I got ready for a cycle ride but not sure of where to go.  I wanted a spacious road where I could ride as long as I want on the edges of the road. Watching Dronika's recent ride, I decided to get onto the Sitapura Road. 

I quickly got onto it and went on for hours. Began at 4.30 in the evening cycled untill the road ended into a pool of sand. I went further to check if I can get a good long road to ride but, I ended up on a muddy road. Thus, I took a u-turn and returned home after riding for nearly 20KM.The sunset hues were interesting to watch. Where do I see these hues in the absence of LED lights, I thought. 

Midway, I got hungry and I turned away from main road to hit the nearest food joint, The Burger Farm. I have gained double the calories of whatever I burnt. I had a whopper meal and cycled home at east listening to Sid Sriram's compositions. 



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  1. Lovely pics. The cycle looks handsome in the first one. V stylish! And that's a good ride too. Does Jaipur have any cycling racks?


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