Saturday, November 20, 2021

Hey it's my Birthday

On my birthday eve, Archana suggested for a walk and we ended up at a cafĂ© hogging a lot of food. While I was busy eating, she got out the gift from her bag and handed it to me. She gifted me Conversation with Friends, a book she bought in Delhi. 
She read me three of her favourite poems, wrote two letters as a birthday gift. Grateful for having people around me to celebrate my birthday, I called it a day and dozed off. Nikita woke me up with her signature wishes. "Happy birthday. Have a great time. Do something awesome!." Thanks Nikita, you always push me to be at my best. 

Harry called up early to wish me and spend few minutes talking. Thoughtful. I loved it. He suggested me to spend some time reflecting on 'birthday' and '27th birthday.'

Azhar dressed up well on my birthday, celebrating it and wished me. 

Feeling special about the day but, also in the humdrum of courses, I walked into the meeting room. I was glad for a while that people do not know about my birthday. Usha walked in and greeted me loud making others know about my birthday. Wished by everyone, I became the birthday boy in the class. 

Ayushi was at her best, telling "Today it's his birthday," to all whom she met. 

Shreya, Evangeline aunt, Smoothies, Swathi, Swati, Pooja, Sruthi, Amu, Venkatesh, G, PSVB, Sunny, Vickas, Faddy, Sachin, Shaik, Satwik, Azhar, Shankar, Dyu, Sneha, Karan shared their wishes. 

Ayushi hosted a party inviting me, Archana, Ashok, Prateek & Tirang at her place. We ate lots of food. Danced till we were sweating. We went out for a walk to drop Tirang at his place. Listening to music, walking on the deserted streets, we were enjoying the night. We called it a day on 12.30. Technically the next day. 

Akhila gifted me "I'm not  here to  Give Speech and some face masks. Harry gifted me 'Comfort Crisis' book, Elsa gifted me, 'The Reluctant Mother' Grateful for all the blessings, love and wishes.


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