Tuesday, November 2, 2021

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On a cold november night, I was walking from Jawahar Kala Kendr to home. 10KM away, I decided not to rely on cab. I wished to take an auto, public transport but, looks like the world has listened to my wish and made all the autos and public transport go in every lane but, not in my road. Why don't I take the help, I thought and began to raise the thumb and ask for the help. Hitchhike to home! 

Hitchhiking in Rajasthan? is it as easy as I get in my place, I thought.  I realized I’m being judgmental about the places and the whole point is to just wait, rather than expecting something out of it.  

All these thoughts didn’t change any probability of what I get. But I walked and walked and there was this one Scorpio. Path decide. And there was this long fair sharp featured handsome man in a dark green shirt, blue jeans. Trying to get into the car.  

So I met Omar adham Khan. I didn’t expect to hitchhike. I was waiting, and I waited, and waited, and waited and I thought we liked it. 

Can you give me lift? I asked.  "Left?" he repeated. 

I repeated LIFT. "Aajao," he waved his hand. I got onto his car, a dark green spacious Scorpio. 

As I just got into the car, a bike rider stopped by asking for directions. "You tell,"  he looked at me. "I don't know the place." I asserted.  

"Are you not from this place?" he enquired. "No, I'm from Hyderabad. I'm new to this place." I answered him. 


Looking at him. I thought he’s a traveler and yes, he is. He traveled from Delhi to goa. Delhi to Arunachal Pradesh. Basically every part of India in his car with all his camera gear.   Discussing works, I shared mine, he shared his.  "I'm a  cinematographer man behind the camera."  I do commissioned work, most of the time. 

Discussing the way he approaches his work and the role of social media. He shared his insight on how putting our creative work can be helpful. "There can be people who can relate. It's always to put it out there rather than not sharing it." 

And on that note, we thought we’ll stay connected through Instagram. Thanks Omar for the ride and the conversation. 

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