Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Artist Date- Amer Fort

 I decided to walk out and spend a day in the city of Jaipur. I woke up early, had my breakfast but, I was not willing myself to go out and explore the city. "Renny, you need to do this." I pushed myself and got out carrying the basics, along with the laptop. (What if I feel like working on my draft?)

As I came out, I looked for food joints. I ordered Aloo paratha and chole. Along with it, I was offered Raita as well. I started my tour with sumptuous and heavy brunch. I took out an auto. These days, I'm being comfortable to travel in public transport rather than cabs. During the long ride, I dozed off for few minutes. As I got dropped at Amer, I could hardly see the crowd on the streets. I was wishing that I don't get to see any crowd at the fort as well. Unlucky me, there was a lot of crowd everywhere as I trekked towards the fort. Located amidst the mountain surrounded by valley and water. The huge fort spreads across a lot of distance. I got the ticket and walked into the fort. 

I never took a guide in any of my explorations. I like to explore by myself. However, this huge fort seemed complex as I wandered alone. There were a lot of mahals and palaces.

inside the fort.  

Strolled across Sheesh Mahal and other palaces. I could spot a lot of Hamams, bath places as well. It was written that there were a lot of bath and latrines stored with a lot of hot and cold water. Royal utilities. 

I spent a lot of time walking around. Before exiting, I got into this book shop which had a good collection of books on Step Wells and some hard bound classics.  Didn't feel like coming out but, I came out and had a lot of lemonades. 



Awaiting for an hour in front of the palace, I could catch a public bus. Central Park, I requested. Off to the green park. 

No sooner I walked into the park then, I slept on the grass watching the sky. Spent a lovely evening at the park watching out the trees. As it turned dark, I crossed the road and entered nearby cafe, 

Tapri Central. A cozy place to spend the evenings. Ordered Cheese Vadapav, Imandaar Kichdi and enjoyed it talking to friends through phone. Loved the rooftop. Would love to visit the place again. 



I realized that I could spend more qualitative time with myself next time. This time, I was distracting myself with phone. I was anxious for no reason. Time to ease out and be comfortable with my company. 

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