Sunday, June 13, 2021

Stories with Navnit- Book Suggestions

 “What books should I suggest for the library” I asked

"Lal Posthe Ke Phool.  I want that book. I am waiting for it." replied Navnit, adding on what he wants to do with the book,  "I am planning to host a session on the book as well. It’s about the history and culture of Tibet. By knowing the history and the culture of Tibet, we can discover the differences between Tibet and China."

Ask Navnit about books, stories flow. "Tibet is called the roof of the world." began Navnit.  

The conversation went on from books to Tibet. The kind of cold present in Tibet. He began describing climatic conditions. 

"There’s one person who wore clothes that couldn’t stop the cold. There was a family who saw him losing consciousness. He was taken to a home, fed hot water, put in warm clothes. Still, he was in a bad condition. There was a woman who came and gave warmth by sleeping with him. It’s about human warmth. The other warmth doesn’t help as much as the fire gives you at that condition." 

Ye boliye ji.Hamaari parivaar ka aurath koyi bhi aise soch sakthe kya? To help someone.?" He asked,

We need to have body contact to give warmth in that chilling cold. There’s a lot of history on the flexibility of sex and gender in the past. 

And the story went on to sex now. 

There’s a book, The Muria and their Ghotul written by Verrier Elwin, an anthropologist. "Ghotul is a tradition that a Muria tribe followed He described the culture of the tribe. The tribe is normal in it’s own ways. 

The outsiders came in and gave comments on their culture. Eventually, the tribe got vanished. 

Yeah, we always have negativity towards tribes. We do not bother to understand but, still, we comment and be condescending to others.

Yeah.. And the train of thought went in Navnit’s mind staring at the walls thinking of the tribes. "Navnit ji, I am unable to find the translation of the book you mentioned," I asked, listening to him while searching for the translations.

Tibet. Yeah. There’s this author who wrote of his travelogues so much that I don’t think I can ever read them whole. Rahul Sakrityan. What a writer. Navnit face got a new glow as he began sharing hte story of Rahul. Such a awesome writer. He wrote a lot of stories. He was at the verge of death because of the acts he made. He got the buddha Grandha and people were about to kill him. 

What about Buddha Grandha? I intervened and the stories went on about Buddha. 

I am not going to write about it in the way I interrupted hte storyof  Rahul Sankrityan

He wrote a lot of travelogues. If we have to thhink of influential writers of 20th century. Rahul will be on the list for sure. 

He visits a temple. He describes the stone, history of stone. The probability of of the sculptors. Their cultures. Their history. 

Their language. The language history and it goes on. What a writer. Itna mota mota kitabh! Navnit got that smile again. 

He used to write 6-7 hours a day. IF he had spent 6 hours on writing, imagine how much time he would have spent on reading. 

Azamgarh got great writers Ji, patted Saket. 

Navnit energy got no bounds as he began sharing his stories. I was happy to know Rahul Sakrityan as I began ordering the book, Volga to Ganga, A translation. Saket looks at the laptop and Navnit, surprised to see such a pack of energy by sharing a small story. 

Indeed, ask someone about what they love. The energy with what they share is contagious. 

What do you love to do?

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