Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Stories from Sirohi- Living the Dream

 Every time, we visit Pindwara, we're taken to a coffee shop famous for it's sandwich and the cold coffee. It's neither a village nor a town, in between the both, Pindwara has this beautiful Coffee shop. Dyu, Shankar and I walked into the coffee shop. It's been more than two years since Shankar visited the shop, however the owner remembers his old customer. 

'After a long time. Are you living in Sirohi now?" asked the owner. 

"Now in Reodar," mentioned Shankar in a greeting tone. 

How did you start this shop?

I used to prepare tiffin for my children. Sometimes sandwiches. We have a photography studio. I lived most of my life in Mumbai, running a photography studio. 

I have a dream of opening coffee shop. So I opened.  I keep learning new stuff and try to put them in menu. That's how I make these sandwiches, Cold Coffee. 

I hail from a small village, 5 km away from Pindwara. 

Happy to visit this shop and meet the photographer turned cafe owner. 

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