Sunday, June 13, 2021

Holidays with Harry- Own it up

 After a few weeks break, Harry and I caught up over phone.  

"What's happening?," asked Harry in an assuring hearty tone.

"A lot. My friend left Sirohi. I'm also leaving for Jaipur. I realized I have to take a lot of decisions now." I shared my thoughts. 

"Yes. Decisions." affirmed  Harry. "To decide, we need to own up. Ownership seemed to be the key." he hinted. 

"True," I acknowledged his thoughts. Sleeping on the words, owning it up, I realized there's a lot I'm doing without owning it up. 

For instance writing, blogging. I write the posts but, truly I never own them as my writings. Since I don't own them, most of them are lying on the drafts and I don't share them. 

To own is to accept. I began to accept myself, my writings. This approach seemed to be working for me. It's driving me to act rather than ruminate, distance myself from my works and never own what I do. 

Thanks Harry for the words. 

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