Monday, June 7, 2021

Stories from Sirohi- Pihu

 Last year, in 2020, during the pandemic times, I had a strict routine. I used to hit basketball court at morning and return by 9. The time when Pihu, Land lord's grand daughter would get up. She was amused by the basketball I used to carry every morning. 

A few days passed by the amusement. "Do you want to play with me?" I offered her the ball. She stretched her hands and took the ball. She played for a while. In that way, we broke the ice. A year old baby, she would only speak mono syllable words. 

Every time, I used to come down and go up, she used to greet me, "Oyeee" in her own style. Whenever I hear her calling me oye, I look at her and she stares at me and wait for me to turn so that she calls me again. We used to play this game for a while. 

After a few months, Pihu went back to her place along with her mom and Dad. Thanks to lockdown in 2021. She returned. This time, she learnt to speak. 

I greeted her 'oyee' and she took her own time to talk to me. Today, as I was walking up to my home, she walked in, looked at me and said, "Upar bhut hai." "huh?" I stopped. She looked at me. 

His grandfather laughed at our conversation. Shy of audience between our dialogue, she walked in to home. 

Glad to catch up with Pihu after long time. We have come from Oyeeee greetings to scaring each other. 

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