Sunday, July 8, 2018

Stories on Wheels

On a highway tending to a narrow curve, I stood on the other side of the narrow single lane and yet a car stopped signaling to come in the heavy flow of vehicles.

"God bless this person" I whispered.  And I went to get on a ride.

"I know the struggle since I used to travel a lot. I just got reminded of myself and wanted to help you."

I was happy to listen to it. If I had stood there for few more minutes, I'd be drenched in rain. Talking about traveling, we spoke a lot. Discussed on how I travel and how people are just like him, thinking to help.

He travels on work and traveled remote parts of the whole of India. "I've been to Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, all the corner most places and also villages in it."  He does know of places a lot more than sightseeing spots, he knows little of their culture, language and their stories.

Both of us being quite comfortable at talking(He is a marketing guy ;),   we spoke about our works, education and recalled many memories.

Soon after a lot of talking, we realised, Vellore is the one common place we lived at different periods. I was there during my schooling. He was there during his post-graduation. Recalled many memories. Many many happy memories. Next few minutes, we were laughing out loud sharing so many funny incidents that happen quite with a lot of gangs.

After a lot of this conversation, I asked his name, at least to put it here in this blog. With a bright smile, he said, "Karunakar."

Thanks a lot, Karunkar for the ride and the time. Hope we meet sometime at some other place. Thanks for the help.

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