Sunday, July 8, 2018

Memories- Heritage Walk and a leisure stroll

   I headed to Abids on a cloudy day. 

I rushed to the Heritage walk entering the narrow streets of Abids. Quickly into narrow dilapidated ruins of structures, I was there in the canonball factory of the French army constructed in 1786 in Hyderabad. 

Architect, Walk lead, Madhurima narrated the stories of the French army's presence in Hyderabad. And how it shaped the whole Abids. We headed to then Aliya High school established in the 18th century. 

Aliya High School

Huddle Friend at Heritage Walk

The Black and White Story

Heritage Walk Friends. Always see them in gatherings but nowhere. 
We had an alumni of the school when it was also educating boys. He got a picture clicked near his classroom.

The Old Structure 

After many conversations on history and stories, we moved to the nearby museum watching the precious old pieces of the history that told a lot of stories of the culture and their customs. 

Didn't wanted to leave even after the walk. Priyanka, her friend and I huddled to wander in the streets of Abids. We went to Lepakshi, checked out all the artifacts, walked into an old house to look at the vintage cars. We also ran into a dog which enjoyed its own space and ordered us to be in our own space.

Walks and talks went for so long that I dropped the plans of going home to get ready for another Elsa's engagement. We carried our conversations over the lunch and Hubli Bubli.  

Our last stop was the church, which we planned at first after the dismissal of the heritage walk. My two friends bid bye after helping me with a quick shopping and I was all ready for the event right at the church. 

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