Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The Familiar Smiles

Visiting Ankapur Military hotel after a long time, I witnessed a lot of happy smiles.

Charvie and I discovered this hotel when we were on a stroll at Madhapur. Manpreet was accompanying us. Looking at the word, 'Military', Charvie was curious to know what's so military in it?

Charvie was disappointed to find nothing military in it and didn't got good opinions on it. She loved the food though! As far as I'm concerned,  the food was delicious and the waiters were calm and responsive all the time. We liked the place but were down hearted to find nothing military.

Further, I started visiting the hotel many times. I loved the Clay Pot Pulav, Thali and also chicken sambar rice. Besides food, I loved the ambiance.  Late, I took dad & mom to the hotel. I went with Harimohan and Anjali. Dined with Ved, Kishan anna there, and with many more. Over the time, I became familiar to all the waiters there.

Besides food, I love their service. All the waiters are always calm and responsive. After a very long time, visited the old place. To my surprise, they still remember me. A huge smile shone soon after they saw me. "Bagunnara sir. Chaala rojulaindhi( How are you sir, It's been a really long time)" was the first question.

So happy to see the smiles that shone as soon as they ran into me. All I could do was to return a smile and ask them how they were.

So happy to see those familiar smiles again. 

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