Monday, March 13, 2017

Sneak peak of the day spent at Gapminers with team and Harimohan sir

While I was preparing big notes out of the sessions which happened on last Sunday with Harimohan sir, I realized it's too difficult to write in short about it without losing the essence of it..
I decided to take time to write that later as, I don't think I can put such heavy stuff in thousand words or two thousand.

Sneak Peak of the day.
Everyone were in the slumber mode, sleepy mode due to all night partying, and night rides. I had a slight fear of people's absence but, they made my assumptions wrong. Vineeth, Ved, Meghana, Sloka, Vijay and Vandana joined for the meetup. We gathered at Gapminers, Ramaraju sir's place. He kindly let us use the space. He hosted us heartily on Sunday. 
Huddled with Harimohan sir to learn, to share and to talk.  No one had clue about our presence at Gapminers on that day. Save me from confusion but, my juniors had no clue of being called to the place.

Harimohan sir with his juice.
Starting with a casual conversation, we started talking about the reason of our presence at that place. The purpose of being there. Breaking down important life lessons, sir started sharing his views at ease and also putting us at ease. He talked about being secure, being responsible.
There was no more slumbering, people got interested into learning new perspectives and thoughts.

He started with the troublesome line, "I don't know," which most of us don't say  this as we're afraid of being called,   'duffer,' 'failure,' 'loser'

It's about knowing what you know and what you don't know. Talking about that we were made to write all our strengths and weaknesses. We could write two and utmost 5. Looking at our 'Um' moments, sir made all of us to share other strengths person by person.  The atmosphere was with all good vibes sharing our perceptions of our friends and also sharing their weaknesses which would be due to mere ignorance.

Talking about other perceptions, we came across many traits like, 'Learning mindset,' 'assumptions,' etc.
Time passed swiftly and we were ready for the lunch. KFC to the rescue and we bought meal boxes hogging the chicken while Harimohan sir was sipping his juice.

Anecdotes, stories, experiences made it interactive, interesting and more than everything, informative and intriguing. I had many conversations with Harimohan sir, but this one is different as we worked out together assessing my strengths, weaknesses, goals. 
I thought many people would skip the sessions but, they came and joined the conversation actively contributing their time to learn and discuss.

L to R: sloka, me, harish, Harimohan, Vandana, Ramaraju, Meghana, Ved, Vijay
If there's one of the many traits which I'm trying to imbibe looking Harimohan sir. it's joy of giving. I can't describe the experiences where I enjoyed on being the receiving end. He keeps giving his valuable time just because we can learn something out of it.  This would be the lesson which I will keep telling me all the life.

The best thing that happened is the response by the juniors. They were so excited about knowing themselves and was intrigued by the learning mindset and fixed mindset. In fact, the friends who came there were so enthusiastic about learning. I felt glad to bring right people on the bus. We had a great time. Before we left, I tried my hand in story telling session.

Spent a great day with the amazing juniors.

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