Monday, March 27, 2017

A.Rahman made us talk for hours.

A R Rahman

Nothing made us talk for  a minute in the whole span of 3 years but 'Music' and 'Mozart of Madras' made us talk for hours and hours.

Besides being talkative person, being a conversation maker, I was made to be silent in few members' presence, not because of fear but, because of their aura. I was in silence acknowledging their presence.

One such presence was by my special senior, "Sharayu."

Never in her whole B.Tech life she noticed me, I guess. Whenever she comes across I used to acknowledge her and that'd make butterflies fly in me.

One fine day, as she comes as alumni and sits with my senior,  I happened to be  there itself.

While we were in our own space thinking about whatever was crossing our minds, I was humming 'Roja Janeman.' She picked it up and was humming 'Chinni chinni aasa.'

And then we started talking about what music is to us and what A.R.Rahman means to us. She is A.R fan!!!!!!! and, she sings so mellifluously!

I still don't know why on earth I never noticed that she sings. There we sat talking about music and musicians.

I met the person who could share the exact excitement I feel when I listen to A.R music. We were as excited as kids who gets their cotton candy. We were sharing all the songs that were flashing in minds. I couldn't believe that I was talking to a senior with whom I never got a chance to take a picture with. I couldn't believe that I was talking to the senior whom I admired a lot. I couldn't believe that I could meet a person who enjoys and loves music in a way I love. Many people love music but, the excitement we shared is something which I couldn't find in many.

It was indeed a special day to me as,  I launched my 2nd novel on the same evening. I also got chance to talk to her about my 1st book. We spoke for hours and hours. I got golden chance of listening to her singing live. The excitement we share is something which I can't express in few lines. (Another post to express our excitement)

Nothing made us talk for  a minutes in the whole span of 3 years but 'Music' and 'Mozart of Madras' made us talk for hours and hours.

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