Sunday, March 12, 2017

Offside- Movie

This is my first Iranian movie. Harry suggested a lot of movies to watch,I think I'm on roll for all Iranian movies.

Offside is a story about women who are soccer lovers trying to enter a stadium where women are banned from watching the sports events.

It dealt with universal human emotions. As I watched the movie, I couldn't believe how difficult it'd be if it was a real situation and to my surprise, it was a real situation in Iran. Women are banned from watching sports in stadiums, crowds. Irrational reasons for irrational bans. Characters are developed so well and indeed it looked like realistic cinema.  Match lasted for 90 minutes and also movie lasted for 90 minutes.  It shows the real situation of the society. The director reached an extra mile by showing how helpless people are even though they know what they're doing is stupid. He didn't take sides but showed how it is in real.

Jafar Panahi is the director and I was told that he got inspired to make this movie when his daughter herself went in man's disguise to the game. I was surprised to know how he got banned by his country and put all the restrictions on his living. It's scary to even imagine his life under so many rules. Though after the government superficial restrictions he managed to make a movie and send it to film festivals to screen them. Inspiring. 

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