Thursday, March 16, 2017

Jammin anthem. Yaara by A.R.Rahman

Yaara by A.R.Rahman

You feel the tune is familiar to you, the moment you realise it's the tune of 'Thalli Pogathey,' you'll be listening to A.R.Rahman's voice. Woah! Mesemerising start. Till now, this song was looped listening to Sid Sriram's voice and now, to  A.R.R's voice. I don't ask for any more remix or cover of this song!
This song will be on loop from now!

The whole song is sung by various artists. A.R.R is constantly on his work to encourage and empower all the musicians in the world. I wish his dream to be fulfilled very soon.

Showing sculptors, weavers, electricians and other workers, they urge for a border less world and bring a lot of positive energy. A great work by Lemon Yellow Sun Films. The song is weaved by so many highs and lows, it's sculpted bringing lot of energy and it's fixed with perfect pitching.

Before I talk about Jammin. I've to talk about Qyuki which is why the 'Jammin' is present. Qyuki is a venture started by A.R.Rahman and Shekar Kapoor to encourage arts. As I closely follow it, they started a new concept called 'Jammin' a music collabaration by big composers and youtube stars.

Jonita Gandhi, Sanah,Aditya  and many more. All these singers were youtube sensations and were picked up by composers. To encourage this, they started this collabaration. They launched Jammin anthem, 'Yaara'

Hindi version of 'Thalli Pogathey'

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